Interesting facts about the Blob fish

In this universe, there are many interesting things which are unknown by the people. As technology develops day by day, it explores various things. People can also know about that through various sources that are available in the present world. Internet is the best platform to know anything that people want. There are millions of sites which can give the information about many unknown facts. Generally people will have the habit of fishing as their pass time. Some of the people will be doing it as a profession. People may have the knowledge of the fish types, but they will not hear about the interest blobfish facts most often.

What is blob fish?

Though there are much information about this fish is available in the internet, most of the persons will not have any idea. The blobfish is a kind of fish which is normally found in the deep sea. It belongs to the family of Psychrolutidae. Generally this blob fish is present in the sea areas of Australia and Tasmania. Many researchers have stated that this will be available in the water bodies in New Zealand. The size of the blob fish will be less than 30cm. It lives in the depth of 600 to 1200m which is approximately 2,000 to 3,900 ft.

Facts about the strange fish

Since people do not come across this name blob fish often, they will not know anything about the fish. For those people, some of the interesting blobfish facts are given below:

  • Most of the people who have heard about this fish do not know the real name of the fish. Normally every animal will have a scientific name. In the same way, this fish also have a name and it is Psychrolutes marcidus. This name is derived from the family of the fish.
  • One of the most amazing factors about this fish is it does not have skeleton as well as muscles. These kind of unusual characteristics allow the fish to survive in such deeper sea level.
  • This blobfish is not dangerous to human being. Some kind of fish will bite the humans while they are entering into the water bodies for swimming or to have fun. But this is not like that and it will not harm anybody.
  • The blobfish will eat the food items such as sea pens, shellfish, crabs and sea urchins. But they will not eat it fast. This fish will catch the prey and eats it slowly. For this reason, the researchers use to call it as lazy eaters.
  • Unlike other fishes, people cannot eat it in their food routine. Since it has an ugly structure no one will like to consume it.
  • Though there are many researchers are being performed about the blobfish, the reproduction process of this fish is still unpredictable.
  • Another interesting fact about the blobfish is it is declared as the ugliest creature. Moreover no one has recorded any video on the fish since it is less than 3000 feet.