Skim Milk Nutrition Facts – Is it healthy?

Do you love sitting around every morning, drinking skim milk? If yes, this is good because the mentioned rink is known for the nutrients it comes along with. It is packed with benefits that your body will surely care to love. What is even more relieving is the fact that skim milk does not have any amount of calories, or fats in it. This is in contrary to what the whole milk is about. There are many people out there who like to think that skim milk is only the watered edition and version of most whole milk. They want to say that it lacks nutrients unlike that of a regular milk. This should be a different story upon taking skim milk nutrition facts into consideration.

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There are manufacturers out there who do not add water to their milk anymore. Even if that is the case though, skim milk probably comes with all the nutrients that most of traditional milk is known for. What are the other benefits that you can expect from the milk? They are listed below.

Protein without zero fats

If you are going to gulp a cup of skim milk, let us say 8 oz of it, and then you are surely to stumble upon 8.6 g. This is the protein content it has. It also features carbohydrates, which may be 12.3 g in this sense. As for calcium, there is a 349 mg of it. In totality, it can be claimed that skim milk goes with potassium, 5 mg of it. As for the cholesterol, it will be 5 mg and the sodium may go about 130 mg. The calories would be 80 and as promised, there will be no fats involved. This is going to be the content upon taking 8 oz of milk. There can also be a combination of nutrients in the end. This is why skim milk has always been nutritious. This drink for people is a chance for them to pursue their weight loss endeavor.

Of course, there is also vitamins that can be expected from the drink. When it comes to whole milk, it normally features vitamins which are fat-soluble. The best examples of these are vitamins A, D, E and as well as K. Do not get this wrong though. Despite the fact that these vitamins are always in the milk fat, it is a different case for skim milk. Such milk has been fortified with vitamins A and D. This will be stumbled upon during the removal of fats. This is the process that can be dealt with and that is for sure. There may also be Vitamin B2 and Riboflavin. These are also stumbled upon in skim milk too. The vitamin has the ability to add a subtle greenish tint to that of the milk. There is also biotin, vitamin b12, thiamine, iodine, pantothenic acid, magnesium and selenium. All of these are present too. These are the nutrients stumbled upon skim milk. There is only a possibility for them to be in small amounts though.